Politics and Religion

By Angela Hallstrom

For reasons that I don’t entirely understand, I am interested in politics. I didn’t grow up in a particularly political household, and I’m not a very partisan person by nature. (Certain of my friends and family would disagree with me here, and I admit I’ve started leaning more to one side as the years wear on, but I’ve voted for people from both parties and still consider myself a moderate on many issues.) Politicians themselves rarely win my heart: they are often given to pandering, dissembling, and speaking out of both sides of their mouths, qualities that rank near the bottom of my list of favorite personality traits. And then there’s the gaping distance between the ideals of democracy* and the inertia, inefficiency, bickering and greed that inevitably infect the political process. It’s painful, sometimes, to invest oneself in the whole maddening mess.

And yet I continue to invest myself in it.

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