Blindsided but Blessed — Coping with Concussion and Compulsory Rest

By Teresa Bruce

July started with a bang, a flash, and a splash. Too bad they had nothing to do with July 4th fireworks. The first Monday of the month, I almost slept in.  But Doggie Dear, hearing my eyes open, appeared beside my bed and pleaded with silent optimism. With a sigh, I raised my head from the pillow …

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Dog Tale

By Karen Austin

Photo by Karen D. Austin

“Please, Mom. I promise that I’ll feed the dog, walk the dog, bath the dog. Please!”

For the first ten years of my marriage, I stood firm in my “No Dogs Allowed” policy, knowing that the lion’s share of the work would go to me.  My husband (his comment is here)actually cried, explaining that if he knew that I never wanted a dog, he would have “serious reservations” about marrying me.

I knew that he came from a family that loved dogs, but really?

Then I had a seven-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter dogpiling me for a pet.

I relented.

We adopted Pascha, a Golden Retriever-Chow mix that a co-worker was trying to place.  The dog primarily lived in the walk out basement and the fenced back yard (a half acre).  I didn’t really deal with her much.

But four years later she died from a urinary tract infection that crawled up to her kidneys. I felt complicit in her demise because I rarely did more than throw food at her.  I didn’t really want another dog. However, my daughter, who was ten at the time, grieved mightily.  Combining that with my guilt over neglecting Pascha, and I relented. You can click to read more about the setting up a dog franchise business.

“But this is our last dog!” I insisted.

So now we have Bolt, who was a rescued from a young man who grossly neglected him. We think he’s an Indian Spitz.

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Explaining Love

By Meghan Flinders

I can’t explain love to a dog. I come home to a fragmented couch, to yellowed and shredded upholstery. I sigh as the dog struts its win, sofa hanging damp from its jaw. I groan and let the dog stay. I can’t explain love to a child. I sang to my wailing babe whose snot …

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