For the Love of Dogs

By Terresa Wellborn

Bark much? Yes. For ten years I resisted getting a dog like my kids resist chores: vehemently. Then one day I caved. Our once gorgeous herringbone tiled floor became a minefield of dog hair. Everywhere. Nothing was safe… my fridge fruit drawer, my pillow, my favorite socks. Our dog, Waffle, is a black and white …

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Seasons: To Get (or Not Get) a Pet

By Rosalyn Eves

and dog toys for themI have something to confess that might be heresy.

I’m not a dog person.

While I’ve met several very amiable dogs, none of them have inspired in me the intense need that seeing a fat baby did (still does–but don’t tell my husband). Admittedly, puppies come close. I might even be temped if I didn’t know they got bigger.

Some of them even scare me. I still, seeing a large and strange dog while I’m out walking, have been known to cross to the far side of the road. My mom thinks some of this is due to the fact that my first encounter with a big dog was a Saint Bernard who, when I was 18 months old, bowled me over, stood on me, and licked my face. I think it might be due to the time in fifth grade when a stray dog got onto the playground at school and attacked another little girl, biting her on the head and face. (I know this is a rare incident, but it means I’m wary around strange dogs).

My not being a dog person hasn’t been much of an issue till now in my life: for the first part of our married life, we lived in rented spaces or other people’s houses (hi, mom and dad!). Even after we bought our own home, our kids were still very small. But now we’ve entered the stage of life where my kids are desperate for a pet–and not just any pet. They want a dog.

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Dog Days of Winter

By Melissa McQuarrie

It’s been a long, dreary winter. February is creeping by, one snowy day blurring into another, and, after a couple of years of change and flux and shifting relationships, I’ve been feeling careworn and burdened on top of the usual winter malaise that often hits about this time. I turned fifty last fall and my children are growing up and there are days when I still reel from the shock of finding myself a middle-aged woman with an emptying nest. If I’ve ever needed some peace and quiet and space to process the changes my life has undergone in the last several years, it’s now.

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