Sabbath Revival: Modest About Modesty

By Sandra Clark

Still thinking about bodies and how we address them at church and within the context of a faith-filled life, I offer you another piece from the past, Modest about Modesty, from emerita, Courtney Clark Kendrick. 


When I moved into this ward I had a neighbor tell me that she thought I’d be the next Young Women’s President.

“No way, “ I countered, “I don’t dress modestly enough.”

To which she replied, “Then it’s about time you start.”

A year later, that calling came and I thought I’d feel a massive spiritual attack to clean out my closet in preparation for a more reserved collection. Conversely, I have felt somewhat of an undertaking to redefine LDS fashion. And right now I am using big words so that you will think I am intelligent—and–undoubtedly right. But truth be told, this is a lonely calling in life. I get a lot of “What in Lucifer’s House are you wearing child?”

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