Honorable Mention Poetry: Before

By Faith Kershisnik

                          Before materiality, they knew                           what it was like to be trapped inside matter.                                 …

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By Sherilyn Stevenson

Yessssssssss, he celebrates while juice drips from fruit as if from his fangs and Mother Eve through The Fall groans, releasing at once all her children— bare and bawling and born to a place smoldering (forked-tongued-tempter stoking the coals) for a chance to rise from imminent ashes, each of us a green seedling springing from …

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Unspoken Prayer

By Thalia Pope

Unspoken Prayer My questions, pleas to you ascend unvoiced, rendered slowly in the crunching of pine needles under feet, sweepings of slippers ascending spiral carpet stairs, fragile turnings and siftings of tissue-papered scripture sieved between verses. Do you speak likewise, to me, in these wordless tongues? Your husband’s baritone servants sit, stand, speak before lemon-oiled …

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Three Days

By Susan Jeffers

On the Sixth Day, there was Love.          Bone of my bones          Flesh of my flesh          The Mother of All, Living.                        Bubbling streams                        Green leaves           …

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Yongrui and the Tree of Life

By Katherine Cowley

Shen lay very still, except when he coughed. His whole body quivered in pain, and blood came out of his mouth. He was small, even for a six-year-old, and it was hard to watch him in so much pain. But his father, Yongrui, would not have money for a doctor until next week. So Yongrui …

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On the Eighth Day

“And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden . . .” Genesis 3:8 You should have seen her face— wrung with shame, a tear cradled against one nostril. Nothing could have prepared her for the ache she felt in the shadow of her father’s disappointment. It wasn’t that she had …

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