Curating Literature and Art in Segullah’s Courtyard

By Sherilyn Stevenson

Curating Literature and Art in Segullah’s Courtyard: A Critical Introduction I was lucky enough to combine related passion projects spending two years co-editing Segullah while working towards my MA in English from Weber State University. The following excerpts come from my critical introduction where I outlined the work happening at Segullah and my editorial experiences. …

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Meet Co-Editor-in-Chief, Jessie Christensen

By Sherilyn Stevenson

Getting To Know Jessie  Sherilyn: Your day job? Jessie: I work as a library cataloger in an academic library. I create the metadata that describes books that are in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian so people can find them in the library’s catalog. I love working with books and information and I love that my …

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

I realize that it’s September and not February 14th (Valentine’s Day), but time has been pretty loopy for months now, and I can’t even keep track of what day of the week it is, not to mention what month it is. But, as I enthusiastically pass the baton (or torch) to the new co-editorial partnership, …

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Want to Join the Segullah Staff?

By Sandra Clark

We want you. It’s been six years since our last open call for staff members, and it’s about time we do it again. For the twelve years Segullah has been in existence, new voices and talent have been our lifeblood. Often we’ve tapped new people through our networks as experienced staff step back to alumni …

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Kathy Soper – an interview

By Justine Dorton

So, I interviewed Kathy Soper the other day. For those not in the know, she is the editor of Segullah. She’s got seven kids (yep, she’s an angel), and she has managed to keep us all on task at Segullah (She’s an organized angel)! Here was our conversation.

Hey Kathy. Why don’t you introduce yourself.

Howdy, all. I’m Kathy, soon to be thirty-five years old. Happy to be LDS, happy to be married to Reed Soper, happy even to be living in Utah. But I do miss the trees–though not the humidity–of Maryland, my childhood homeland. And I admit I like Salt Lake valley better than her much-maligned sister. I had a rocky start with Provo culture when I arrived in ‘89, but I ended up marrying my home teacher, so it all ended well. I have a BA in English, and I’m interested in pursuing an MFA in creative non-fiction someday, when I’m no longer inundated with sippy cups and diapers. I have seven kids; the oldest just turned 13 and the youngest is almost a year old.

How does a woman with seven kids manage to be editor of a literary journal?

I ignore my kids a lot. Seriously. Of course, it’s all relative—I think I ignore them a normal, healthy amount. But in my early years of motherhood I was a total cruise director, so it’s taken me a while to be comfortable with any ignoring.