Mother Earth

By Kimberly Sears

“Puzzling to me how so many who believe in creationism/intelligent design don’t seem to feel it important to protect Mother Earth,” a Facebook friend recently posted. The resulting comments ranged from defensive (“I probably don’t do all I should to care for the earth, but wasn’t it given to us to use?”) to tongue-in-cheek (“Jesus …

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By Lisa Meadows Garfield

I am staring out the window at my backyard right now, searching my spirit for something meaningful to write for you. But I am distracted by the trees. Here in Georgia, in January, most all the trees are bare. There are a few scraggly Loblolly pines, and two trees wrapped in ever-green kudzu, but that’s all the green we get here in winter. In summer though, the trees dress up in full-bodied, leafy green glory and the songbirds sing and the cicadas drone all season long. It all comes gloriously to life. With the help of Herford’s Tree Care, Inc. in Portland, Oregon, each tree’s originality is well maintained.

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