Sweet, Sad December

By Megan Wilcox Goates

I have a theory about Christmases past. It is this: most happy Christmases blend together. It’s the hard years that stand out. Somebody stitch that on a throw pillow for me. Is vinyl lettering as home decor still a thing? Stick this on the wall near the Christmas tree: Happy Christmases…meh. It reminds me of how …

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End-of-Life Lessons

By Megan Wilcox Goates

My dad is the sort of person who eschews purchased gifts, preferring handmade items or acts of service. More than once over the last few years, I have offered to write his life stories down. He liked this offer and thanked me, but didn’t want to actually sit with me and talk about anything. The …

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By Kellie Purcill

Melissa Dalton-Bradford has written an incredible piece of heartfullness recently on her blog, which we want to share with you all. Her most recent book, On Loss and Living Onward, is exquisitely wrenching, poetic and magnificent – if you haven’t read it, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Breathe deep, dear ones, and read on …

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Sometimes, Always, at the Temple

By Brooke Benton

Maybe I’m a little selfish in my temple service.

Because mostly, it seems that I go for me.

I do like to think about the woman I’m doing ordinance work for. I like to think about her—I wonder what she’s like, if she’s there with me, if we’ll someday meet and connect in a heart to heart way I can’t fathom mortally. I wonder if she’s been waiting. If she knows something I don’t know, and if she’ll whisper it to me in my reverence.

But initially, as I head out every week, I’m going for something more:

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