It’s about Time for Father’s Day

By Karen Austin

The week before Father’s Day, I’m usually standing in the greeting card aisle for a long time, trying to pick out a card. “Thanks for teaching me how to change a tire.” “I miss the days we used to go camping.” And “To the Greatest Father in the World.” Where are the cards that say, …

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Treading in His Tracks

By Kimberly Sears

We have no mountain guide. Dad relies on a paperback trailbook and a topographical map of the Grand Teton, nothing more. Our packs are heavy with ropes and harnesses we’ll use to summit the jagged peak cutting into the sky like a shark’s tooth. The heady smell of pine takes me back to a childhood …

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Falls, Gardens, Deaths

By Adam G

HE SAYS IN NEW MEXICO the weeks before Thanksgiving are High Fall, autumn in abundance, all bright colors and fruits. Thanksgiving is the high point of that season, and also its end. Then it’s whooping crane season, Christmas, and winter. In the weeks before Thanksgiving the cottonwood leaves turned bright pumpkin yellow. We were driving along …

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