Today’s guest post comes from Cami Kesler. Cami is married to her college sweetheart and is the mother of three sweet girls and owner of a poodle named Nancy. She works part-time as a labor and delivery nurse and loves running, quilting, sporadic/intense reading, journaling, blogging, and eating chips and salsa morning, noon, or night. She’s an organizer and wannabe piano player and is trying to make every day better than the last.

I turned thirty last month. The weeks leading up to my “big day” seemed to be consumed with more and more moments. You know, “pre-thirty moments.” While women in their forties and fifties feel like turning thirty is no big deal, it felt like a big deal to me. This stage of my life at times seems so challenging and intricate. Every day I just feel like I am breaking down my every action, bit by bit. Am I doing enough? Am I putting my career too much on the back burner? Does my butt look big? How can I pay off my debts faster? I don’t know enough about the scriptures. Did what I just say come across as offensive? I haven’t spent enough time with my daughters today. Is the house seriously dirty, again? The list can go on and on and it usually does.

I think I really needed a MOMENT. A moment to feel free from all the worries of life, and by doing that, to really feel life. After living so many moments for my family, I wanted something that was purely for myself, something that I could savor without any responsibility to anyone else.

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