Where the Girl(friend)s Are

By Hildie Westenhaver

girls holding hands
As my daughter starts her second year of middle school, I find that I have to dispense friendship advice on an almost daily basis. We talk about how girls that she’s known her whole life are starting to make foolish choices, how some girls can be so flat out mean, and about the “popular girls” and how they pretend to act dumb so that . . . (I don’t really know the answer to this one).

“Don’t stress about it,” I tell her. “When you grow up you’ll find much better friends.” But I’m finding that friendships amongst women can still be incredibly complicated. Drama Queens and Backstabbers are still around, but there are also women who push friendship away; women who claim to be too tired or not that into having friendships anymore.

I am incredibly social. My husband has teased me for over twenty years about the large number of “best friends” that I have. My friends are a high priority in my life and once I am your friend I am loyal til my dying day,

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