Release The Geek

By Kellie Purcill

I’m in the middle of tracking down an article deep in the belly of my Facebook feed, when I see the announcement: A few have asked -so yes, The Book Thief started filming yesterday in Berlin.All best to Brian Percival & whole cast&crew. Make it yours. mz — Markus Zusak (@Markus_Zusak) February 25, 2013 All …

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A Good Man Is Hard To Find

By Kellie Purcill

Quick quiz: name more than five examples of idiotic, selfish and/or juvenile men in TV ads, or movies, television programs or books. Pretty easy, yeah? Now, name more than five men who are believable, decent, good, caring men in the same mediums. More difficult, right?

Rapidly approaching my first Single Adult activities as a divorced woman (you can get lawyer’s help with handling a divorce through this site), panic struck so intensely I had been visiting a counsellor to address my significant… ah… “trust issues and social avoidance” (her words, not mine – I’d have gone with “self-preservation and comfortable habits”). Hence, I was given unexpected homework for the week ahead; testing the hypothesis that there were good men in the world and – to stop anxiety clawing its panicked way up my spine to throttle me – was told to look first for examples in books, on TV or in movies.

“I don’t want you to look for the romantic comedy/chiselled jaw/Disney happily ever after rubbish”, she told me. “Instead, I want to you consider the characters, their flaws, their strengths, and see if there are decent men, even presented fictionally. Men who try to do their best, not just for themselves but for their friends and family. Flawed people, yes, who might yell or get angry or pick their noses and make mistakes, but who also make and keep promises as much as they can, who try to be good. Go see what you can find. You need to find evidence that there are decent men in the world.”

I didn’t want to do it.

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What happens when my ADD of housecleaning spreads to writing

By Dalene Rowley

What you almost got from me today:

How we come to terms with our own not-enoughness.

What it feels like to be a Republican deep in the heart of Utah County fearlessly campaigning for a Democrat in the upcoming election.

Funny things I observe or overhear while serving in my new calling in the Primary.

How I don’t so much care about having it all, but I really wouldn’t mind being able to get it all done.

What does it mean that all my girlfriends have huge crushes on Angelina Jolie’s character in SALT? (I’m serious about this one. I almost feel compelled to write an entire essay exploring women’s not-so-secret fascinations with ridiculously strong and überheroic women and why they secretly want to be those women.)

How I was green before it was trendy or there was a color assigned to it.

What I wish I were doing this summer instead of working and not going on any vacations–staycation (nope, still can’t bring myself to say it) or otherwise.

How it’s about time: Häagen-Dazs five

Johnna’s theory that if you live long enough, you will, in some way or another, become everything you hated when you were growing up.

How watching a bunch of neatly dressed teenagers quietly moving about in the dark at 5:40am this morning, leaving to go do baptisms for the dead, gives me hope for the future.

What I love and really don’t love about cub scouts. (Do not get me started.)

How now when tears well up unbidden I can’t quite tell if they are tears of sadness because I am really missing my second-born, who left just over a month ago to serve a mission in England–or tears of joy–in anticipation of a sweet reunion with my firstborn, who returns from serving in England three weeks from today!

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