Witnessing the Work of Grandmothers

By Karen Austin

As a college student, I noted the work of grandmothers when my Grandma Viola (Hanks Dick Hemming) would mail me a dozen of her famous raisin-filled cookies that were inexplicably fresh and delicious despite the journey from Rexburg to Provo. During that same time, I watched my Grandmother Dorene (Layne Peterson Webb) cook amazing dinners …

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By Carolyn Davis

  First, choose expensive stationery (this will make the receiver feel guilty). But if you truly aim to wound, the cheapest card cuts best. Then write in your finest, most illegible cursive (for a dose of panic to the heart).   This is how I write to you, and I expect a reply following every …

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A Tale of Two Grandmothers

By Teresa Bruce

“… I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee, which dwelt first in thy grandmother …” — 2 Timothy 1:5 Faith brought my grandmas together — but not in the way you might assume. Not because one’s son met the other’s daughter at church-owned BYU (although they did) and not because their faith in the gospel of …

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I sleep beneath a quilt

and dream of cotton, lace, silk, of women’s hands held just-so, the needle set, thread pulled across beeswax or tongue, stitches sung while women sew memories. I sleep beneath music made by women’s hands, dream beneath a quilt made by my grandmothers and while I sleep they lay their needles down and touch my feet. …

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September Morn

By Melonie Cannon

Dawn rides the morning air over silent houses and abandoned gardens, flickering light along the edge of the windowsill, ushering in my grandmother’s fearful cry. Like a crumbling yellow leaf dropping suddenly from an ancient oak, the stillness shudders and startles me from my dreams. I find her, golden, warm and white. Eyes, closed as …

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Little Jeweled Pieces

By Sandra Clark

Early last spring I woke from the most vivid dream I’ve known. I wasn’t certain it was a dream at all, but a gift and a calling. In the weeks that preceded this dark-before-dawn waking, my mother had proposed—then requested—that I write her mother’s life: Sandra, I want you to write the book. In the …

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On the Menu

By Tessa Hauglid

Y’all are invited to my place for supper: Saturday at 6 pm. On the Menu hush puppies1 shrimp boil2 ambrosia3 million-dollar pickles4 potato salad5 date-pinwheel cookies6 lemonade7 Bring your appetites.8 We’re going to have us some good ol’ Southern eats.9 I hope you can come.10   1 My grandmother loved hush puppies and telling how they …

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Losing Elanor

By Karin Brown

My husband’s parents arrived at our home early that morning: Curtis, my father-in-law, was excited and eager; my mother-in-law, Eleanor, was not. My husband, Sterling, and his dad were headed out for a day of refuge and hiking in the mountains, but his mom wasn’t healthy enough to join them. So Eleanor was to spend …

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Verdant Anchor

By Lara Niedermeyer

It’s been a summertime of solace like I’ve had before, soaking up the warmth of your bright soul and listening to your yarns and ponderings. I’ve filled myself to overflowing with your fresh perspective, born of ice cream through the alleyway and days with only soap of raging lye and learning not to cater though …

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Mimesis Upended: A Reluctant Nod to Mr. Wilde

By Sharlee Glenn

How did she see peaches, never seeing a Cezanne? This mother of my mother who passed to me, across a generation, her own deep-burning need for Beauty. Or so I’m told. “You remind me of your grandma,” my mother used to chide as she coaxed me from pages abloom with Renoirs and Monets. “Only she …

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