Witnessing the Work of Grandmothers

By Karen Austin

As a college student, I noted the work of grandmothers when my Grandma Viola (Hanks Dick Hemming) would mail me a dozen of her famous raisin-filled cookies that were inexplicably fresh and delicious despite the journey from Rexburg to Provo. During that same time, I watched my Grandmother Dorene (Layne Peterson Webb) cook amazing dinners …

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Holding My Grandson, Come to Land This Morning

By Judith Curtis

I swaddle you tight to mimic the watery womb of your metamorphosis, where you emerged, tugged by froggy legs from your mother’s belly not two hours ago. The doctor cut you free from the enchanted pond of your gestation and laid you on her chest, a lump of jelled flesh held together by waxed skin, …

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