Halloween Apologia

By Teresa Bruce

  I’ve neglected a neighborly duty. It’s the end of October, and only a couple of days ago I realized I haven’t put out any fall decorations: no bright autumn leaves (Not even fabric maples found only in air-conditioned craft stores, the way Florida nature intends them this time of year.) no straw-stuffed, face-painted scarecrows (Who …

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Peculiar Treasures Snack Size Edition

By Kellie Purcill

  A short and sweet Peculiar Treasures today, to go along with the sugar rush many had last week. Can your leftover Halloween candy charge your phone or do pullups? Yes it can! Did you coordinate your costume to your kid’s, like this awesome Dad? Food allergies and crazes continue – here’s looking at you, …

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Halloween Dreams

By Jessie Christensen

Jessie_Bat_CostumeHalloween was one of the most anticipated days of the year when I was a child. I remember months of agony spent trying to decide on a costume. My mom was always willing to help me create something spectacular, even during the years I came up with fairly off-the-wall ideas. I was a bat, a fried egg, a skunk, a clown, and even Shamu. There was something magical about inhabiting a costume for the day–the ability to simultaneously be myself while also trying on some other identity. By the time I hit junior high I knew my dress-up days were done; I was too old for trick-or-treating and too self-conscious to appear in public in costume. Then I got to high school and discovered that dressing up was cool again; Halloween is the perfect holiday for high-schoolers, given that they are constantly trying on new roles, new forms of appearance, and new identities. When I was in high school I thought Halloween would be my opportunity to transform myself into something entirely new. Unfortunately, things never turned out quite the way I dreamed they would.

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Boo Humbug

By Angela Hallstrom

For many many years, I was ashamed to admit this, ashamed that it would reveal me as a party pooper or (worse) an uptight reactionary or (even worse) a selfish adult who can’t enjoy a holiday that’s mostly geared toward children (except when it’s geared toward grown women wearing “sassy” Minnie Mouse costumes, or, you know, the glorification of chainsaw murderers, no embedded link necessary). But I’ve been in the business of begrudgingly half-smiling through the month of October for a good long time now, and I’m finally comfortable enough with myself to say it:

I do not like Halloween.

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Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

By Dalene Rowley

I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for a good holiday, and Halloween is one of my favorites. I can’t decide which part I like best–the dressing up, the decorating, the parties or the license to eat candy. The games can be pretty fun, too. Here’s a little Halloween meme I created just for you.

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