Clear vision, rose-colored glasses, and hate versus love

By Teresa Bruce

Fluorescent lights don’t impede my vision, but they impact my brain, so I gear up against them: Clear trifocals off, rose-tinted trifocals on. Dark UV sunglasses wrap around peripheral exposure. Sun visor, pulled low over glasses, covers the gap at my eyebrows. I’m vain enough to realize I look ridiculous putting these on to leave …

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By Sandra Clark

Sunday caught me by surprise. I was suddenly awakened in the end of the day to incomprehension. (I’m on vacation and caught the headlines late.) My soul aches knowing the power of fear and hate making more news. God surely weeps at the violence we inflict on each other. With guns, with words, and with …

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When Someone Hates Your Guts

By Melissa Young

I have some difficult relationships in my extended family. I’m guessing that too many of us can say that. Mine started nearly fifteen years ago, shortly after my marriage. It stemmed from a decision which I still feel was correct, in spite of the emotional havoc it has wreaked. We have not been able to get beyond it even yet, and the feelings have mushroomed into other issues.

If I’m honest, I can’t really say that they hate my guts. We’re too old for that. But sometimes I wish we weren’t. I wish we would have a fast and furious playground fight and get it over with. Instead, the feelings simmer on low heat. Most of the time they’re on the back burner, but sometimes (especially holidays) they boil over.

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