Meet Wonder Woman

By Elizabeth Cranford Garcia

So tell me how you got started with all of this. I know you first started by just dressing up as Wonder Woman on the Strip, and people would take their pictures with you . . . Lara: Right, so, one day, I saw all these characters on the Strip in costume, and I just …

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Stubbornness As A Virtue

By Kellie Purcill



Several spiritual wildernesses ago, I found myself a new scripture hero. Caleb, from the Old Testament, was one amazing, tough dude: faithful, honest, courageous and determined. In the second year after escaping Egypt, Caleb and Joshua – at the direction of Moses – go exploring into the Promised Land¹. Ten others went with them, all twelve being a representative of each of the tribes of Israel. When they all returned and told of what they’d seen, only Caleb and Joshua reported positively on the land they had explored.

Joshua and Caleb said “The land is flowing with milk and honey! Huge grapes! Pomegranates! Figs! It’s amazing, let’s go right now” but the remaining ten started freaking out, saying “Nope, no way, the dudes who live there are HUGE and they’ll squash us like bugs!”

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