How do YOU do home church during COVID?

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

photo from ComeUntoChrist.org

In a recent Christian Science Monitor article called “Virtual Sunday School: Where faith endures during Lockdown”, Rachel Lambourne of Fremont, CA, responds to a question about how having church at home works for her and her young family during this age of COVID.

Rachel says, “I think the peace that we generally feel when we are together, when we are praying together – that peace is the only thing that can really transcend all of the worry and confusion.”

Sister Lambourne is a bright, creative, talented Latter-day Saint with four children and a fine husband. (Full disclosure: she is also my niece.) Her family adapts to church at home by inviting the children to pick songs and give talks.

People from other faith traditions in the CSM article mention the added challenge of now being responsible for the religious education of their children.

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