What the Night Brings

By Claire Akebrand

Ever since becoming a mother, I’ve come to love the night almost like a friend, or sister, or doppelganger. I look forward to it all day. As charming as my children are and as supportive as my husband continues to be, maintaining a sense of individuality is an ongoing battle when you’re a mother and …

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I Write?

By Melissa Young

I accidentally wore my Segullah t-shirt to the bank last week.

“So you’re a writer,” the banker said.

Dang, I forgot I was wearing that shirt.

“Um, yeah,” I said (my brilliant way with words already obvious).

“What do you write?” he asked.

Dang again, why do people always ask that?

“Creative nonfiction,” I said, hoping that would be a conversation stopper (and figuring that it sounded better than “nothing lately”).

A few seconds of silence.

“I actually like to write, too,” the banker said.

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