Release the [Control] Freak!

By Kellie Purcill

I’m not in control of my life.

Sure, parts of it are neatly, docilely in place, waiting like an obedient dog told “Stay.” The other parts rampage all along the opposite end of the scale. Some areas need to be held carefully between thumb and forefinger as they squirm and resist my attempts to make them be still and behave. Further along the “While I’m Hieing to Chaos” spectrum, sections of my life behave like cats, with total indifference to my cajoling and saunter off, tail held high so I can see exactly what they think of my efforts. Then there are the areas that are wheezing, cranky camels – I don’t know why exactly they are there but I’m wary, not even attempting to approach, and pretty certain they are going to start spitting. Soon. And I’m going to be the one left with the mess.

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a good giver of gifts

By Michelle Lehnardt

You read Melissa’s goodbye post? I did that yesterday– drove down to BYU with my oldest son and cried through the whole process of moving him into Heritage Halls, filling his kitchen shelves and coming home to a dinner table where his seat sat empty.

And today I’m weary and overwhelmed with the work I need to do and completely unable to write an inspiring post. So how about this? Let’s talk about presents.

My friends gifted my son with an incredibly thoughtful freshman survival kit: laundry bag, vitamins, shoe polish kit, air freshener, apron, Kleenex, gum, Gatorade, Cliff Bars, a USB drive, Shout wipes, a piggy bank with “Mission Fund” on one side and “Dating Fund” on the other, lots of other things I’ve forgotten and best of all a homemade cookbook filled with Kit’s best recipes. Ben and I were both overwhelmed with their generosity. “I just can’t believe they went to all this work just for me.” he repeated over and over.

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