Mom VS the Internet

By Terresa Wellborn

Forget the babysitter. Nowadays parents give their toddlers iPads, iPhones, iAnythings. Forget books. Netflix and YouTube have all the stories kids need. And if kids are on Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr? Don’t worry, everyone’s doing it. “My fear is that the digital age, while benefiting us enormously, impoverishes us too.ā€ -Viktor Mayer-Schenberger Once upon a time …

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I Hope They Call Me on a Digital Mission

By Ashley Dickson

A few months ago I was called and set apart as a missionary. Not the full-time type, though ā€” Iā€™m a digital missionary in the Cambridge Massachusetts stake. The logic behind the mission is clear when you think about the way the digital age has changed our lives. Most of us are likely to search …

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