A Lovely January

By Brooke Benton

I get a small chuckle from the collective conscious that hits right after Christmas in the form of pining for springtime. It seems the only winter we want is the couple of weeks around Christmas, the pretty stuff, the stuff that enhances the festive scene. But right after that? No more snow, no more cold, no more dreary dark—fast forward me to sunshine.

Is this a matter of not wanting to live in the moment? Or is this our advanced nature as God’s children—that we want to progress? That once we’re done with one thing, we’re ready for the next?

Or are we just a fickle people?

Or is it just that this time of year is the epoch of our doldrums?

Or even this: is it that there are too many catalogs arriving thick and glossy with Easter dresses and resort casual in a variety of corals? And is that too much for the snow-bound to take?

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