Interview with Jenn Lee Smith and Zandra Vranes of Jane and Emma

By Sandra Clark

Jane and Emma, releasing this weekend, breathes life into the real-life friendship of Jane Manning and Emma Smith. This important film examines their friendship within its complex matrix of history fraught with racism, the murder of the prophet Joseph, his polygamy and the strain of Emma’s marriage. The deep friendship Jane and Emma, shown in the movie …

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Potiphar’s Wife and Teaching Kids Consent

By Kimberly Sears

“Who’s dat?” My two-year-old points to the painting of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife by Del Parson. We’re trying desperately to stick to our no-activities-or-snacks-until-after-the-sacrament rule, but the Gospel Art Book from the Distribution Center is fair game. “What they’re doing?” “That’s Potiphar’s wife,” I whisper back, “and that’s Joseph. She’s trying to touch his body …

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Mary Keeps All These Things

By Susan Elizabeth Howe

I stir the innkeeper’s sympathy only when my water breaks and runs down my leg, soaking my blue robe, and I have to lean against his shabby door; he looks at me through splintered eyes. I have come down from the donkey in the great bell of my body, the weight of the child and …

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