If a Mother Braids a Waterfall

By Dayna Patterson

in a country where no one speaks her language     if She’s a queen few bow to, few supplicate     if She’s a book no one reads, verses rich as incantation     if Mother weaves a forest floor from tree roots in a swath of clear cut     if She untangles rivers into tributary threads, the beds long since …

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Unspoken Prayer

By Thalia Pope

Unspoken Prayer My questions, pleas to you ascend unvoiced, rendered slowly in the crunching of pine needles under feet, sweepings of slippers ascending spiral carpet stairs, fragile turnings and siftings of tissue-papered scripture sieved between verses. Do you speak likewise, to me, in these wordless tongues? Your husband’s baritone servants sit, stand, speak before lemon-oiled …

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By Amanda Hamilton Ross

One afternoon Berenice told me that we were going to visit a new mother. It seemed a little strange to take the gringa who speaks awkward Spanish on this errand, but I know that’s what Mormons do: we show up. So I agreed to go, thinking, well, I’m also the mom of a baby, so …

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Becoming Fluent

By Melonie Cannon

This week my family is on a few days vacation with some friends visiting from Switzerland. Their two daughters are near the ages of my youngest two children. When they stand together, they could be siblings with their dark hair and wide eyes. There is one problem between them, my children do not speak Italian …

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