The Boots

By Bradeigh Godfrey

It always came back to those blasted boots. As long as I could remember, the boots sat disapprovingly in a corner of my mind. Making me feel guilty. Muttering about my shortcomings. Boots can’t judge, you say? They certainly can. I was raised on the mythology of a family tale told countless times, a tale …

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Lessons I’ve Learned Flying Standby

By Lisa Meadows Garfield

airplane photo

I almost always fly standby. It’s often free or very low cost, and it’s my favorite perk of being an airline pilot’s daughter. I’ve been flying standby for decades now, and though the rules are always changing, the life lessons I’ve learned are always applicable.

Lesson Number One: Don’t get attached to Plan A.  

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Lessons Learned

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

Mrs. Rainwater's 2nd grade class
Mrs. Rainwater’s 2nd grade class

Children are back in school. I have seen the Staples commercials and know that it’s the “hap-happiest time of the year” for many families. In honor of this season I wax nostalgic about lessons I learned through the years. Not all of these lessons are noble, but like too much sun exposure in my youth, their effects linger.

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