The Beloved Community

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

On Monday, January 17, 2022, our country will celebrate Martin Luther King Day which has been a federal holiday since 1986. One of the most potent concepts Dr. King promoted was the “Beloved Community.”  As journalist Grace Tatter describes it:

Beloved community [is] a community in which everyone is cared for, absent of poverty, hunger, and hate. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. popularized the term during his lifetime of activism and imbued it with new meaning, fueled by his faith that such a community was, in fact, possible. But he always acknowledged that realizing his vision would involve systems of law, education, infrastructure, health care, and municipal reform — no one sector, much less one person, could create it in isolation.[1]

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ, we aspire to work individually and collectively toward something similar and, possibly, identical . The term we generally use is “Zion.”

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An Invitation to Listen

By Jessie Christensen

Today those of us in the United States are observing Martin Luther King Jr. Day, when we remember the legacy of the great Civil Rights leader. It is a time to reflect on Dr. King’s legacy and where we are as a country and individuals in our journey to become more Christlike in the way …

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