Breaking the Silence: Surviving Incest

I am a sexual abuse and incest survivor. My abuser was my best friend. She was my sister. A few years ago when the #metoo movement began, I thought, So many women I know have suffered sexual abuse: sister-in-laws, neighbors, friends. My brain kept insisting, Not me. But then it all came back. The dam …

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Yumpin’ Yiminy: Thoughts on the Social Media Fast

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

high yumpers

Some years ago I had dinner at the home of my great uncle in Stockholm. He told us about the wonderful assistant he had at his office. He said of her, “She is so good, dat ven I say ‘Yump!’ she asks ‘how high’?”

We all had a good chuckle about what an amazing employee he had, and I privately still smile when I hear his wonderful accent in my mind.

We want to be good followers of our God,  to yump when God says “Yump!” As disciples of Christ, our first priority is to follow God’s direction and counsel for us. We pray, we study, we weigh options, we seek peace and those quiet (or sometimes blatant) impressions that nudge or confirm to us where that Kindly Light would take us.

We also have promised to sustain our leaders.

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Potiphar’s Wife and Teaching Kids Consent

By Kimberly Sears

“Who’s dat?” My two-year-old points to the painting of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife by Del Parson. We’re trying desperately to stick to our no-activities-or-snacks-until-after-the-sacrament rule, but the Gospel Art Book from the Distribution Center is fair game. “What they’re doing?” “That’s Potiphar’s wife,” I whisper back, “and that’s Joseph. She’s trying to touch his body …

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Let The Chips Fall

By Shari Crall

I glommed easily onto the #metoo hashtag. In the rush of seeing powerful men tumble, I felt gleeful empowerment. Sexual abuse – by a teenaged boy when I was 5; at a ward camp out, by a ward member I babysat for at 12; and by a friend’s father at a sleepover when I was …

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Woman with an Issue #Metoo

By Emily Milner

Christ Healing a bleeding woman, as depicted in the Catacombs of Rome. Public domain.

Thoughts that have stayed with me after #metoo week:

When the debate camp counselor twenty years older than me asked me for a massage, that summer I was sixteen and as naive as a Utah County-bred Mormon teenager can be, and then I actually gave him one, was it not my fault?

If I had told someone then, would they have blamed me and said I should have known better?

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