“Israel, Israel!” God is calling!

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

Musings on my recent trip to Israel – by Linda Hoffman Kimball, photography by Linda Hoffman Kimball I recently returned from a tour of  biblical and ancient archeological sites in Israel. Our guide, scholar Daniel O. McClellan, PhD – the active LDS biblical scholar  whose podcast “Data over Dogma” is a compelling watch/listen for those …

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Maryna Lukach – Textile Artist and Sister Saint in Kyiv, Ukraine

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

Maryna Lukach: Textile Artist and Sister Saint in Kyiv, Ukraine interviewed via internet by Linda Hoffman Kimball, Segullah Art Director Segullah: I believe God guided me to you and your fabulous artwork, Maryna. Besides rejoicing in your bountiful talents, we also pray for you and your fellow Ukrainian citizens that this war will end soon …

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This Is Your Task. You Are Called To It

By Megan Wilcox Goates

It happened while I was doing my physical therapist-prescribed workout in front of the TV. That’s when God spoke to me. I’m not much of a TV-watcher, except for the occasional Masterpiece series, which I will devour in a matter of days. Please do not disturb. Muchas gracias. The end. But when I’m grunting and …

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Breaking Miracles

By Jennie LaFortune

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, it’s insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.”  Cynthia Occelli I heard a writer speak a while ago who said her goal is to break open stories. She went …

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By Michelle Lehnardt

Since I’m ‘Under the Sea’ with ‘The Little ‘Mermaid’ this week (our oh-so-fabulous junior high musical), I begged this guest post from my lovely and wise sister. I’ve been keeping my own book of miracles for the past few months and I’ve been AMAZED with my renewed connection to heaven. I hope you enjoy these …

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Behold The Thistle

By Brooke Benton

                          Autumn comes on timidly and I feel the last few strains of summer sing out to me when I attach the baby to my chest and take a bike ride. We ride the paths that wind through farm acreage the suburbs have …

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It’s a Miracle…

By Andrea Rediske

 Miracle Max: Have fun storming the castle!
Do you think it will work?
Miracle Max: It would take a miracle…

As a scientist, I’m automatically skeptical of anything with the word “miracle” in it:  miracle cure, miracle weight loss, miracle hair restoration, etc.  Usually if something claims to be a “miracle” there is some catch – it only works for a few people, under certain circumstances, and not in every case. I would guess that there are very few of us who have seen the kinds of miracles we read about in the bible – it seems like things like that just don’t happen anymore.

Yet, as my skeptical scientific brain has pondered over my life, I can see several instances of miracles, where the highly improbable has come to pass against the greatest of odds.  It is these kinds of miracles that show me that there actually is a God, that He hears my prayers, and that He actually answers them.  Here are three miracles that I have experienced:

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