Honour Thy Launching Children

By Karen Austin

My son’s return ticket was booked. He was coming home from his mission soon, so he called to confirm a few details. When I finished, he asked me, “How are you doing?” Over the last few weeks, I had been crying and yelling a lot. I went on to describe how his parents and sibling …

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Welcome Home, Child

By Hildie Westenhaver

Earlier this year I had the amazing opportunity to welcome my daughter home from her mission to São Paulo, Brazil. She is my oldest child and first to return home from a mission (her brother is still serving and will be home in a month). I watched the progress of her airplane all night as …

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Farewells and Homecomings– to party or not to party?

By Michelle Lehnardt

Colorful fiesta style invitations went out to the entire neighborhood… and to surrounding areas, and to the people in the apartment complex on the corner– where the turnover is so high almost no one knows their names–  and to the postman and UPS man, the cleaning lady and the crew who does yard clean up …

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