Tiger Mothers, Mormon Mommy Bloggers, and Happiness

By Angela Hallstrom

By now, I’m pretty sure most of you have read both the infuriating/fascinating Tiger Mother article as well as the fascinating/infuriating Mormon Mommy Blogger article that have been making the rounds over the past couple of weeks. (If you haven’t read them yet, I’m left to assume that you’re too busy berating your children into practicing the piano and/or baking seemingly-ubiquitous Mormon Mommy cupcakes to bother with such things. I do not judge you.) Since my husband makes most of the cupcakes at our house and I let my kids quit piano lessons, I’ve had plenty of time to read both articles, as well as another fascinating (but not, in my opinion, infuriating) article in the New Yorker by David Brooks about brains, social science, relationships, and happiness.

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