The Mormon Theology Seminar, an Emerging Home for Women in Mormon Studies

Today’s guest post comes from Rosalynde Welch. Rosalynde lives in St Louis, Missouri with four kids, two cats, and one husband. She holds a PhD in early modern English literature, and works as an independent scholar of LDS culture, theology and scripture. She loves reading, running, making music with her kids, connecting in the community, and serving in the Primary. Her favorite Christmas treat is a soft, chewy molasses cookie. 

Women in Mormon Studies, a new professional association, has recently begun organizing and networking the growing number of female scholars working in or around the field of Mormon Studies. They maintain a terrific twitter account, and they host a database of female scholars to facilitate professional connections.

While the register is not comprehensive, it provides an interesting snapshot into the distribution of female scholars across the disciplines related to Mormon Studies. The top three disciplines are little surprise: history, with 33 female scholars; religious studies, with 24, and gender studies, with 19, represent the most popular fields for women in Mormon Studies. Given the preeminence of history in Mormon self-understanding, and, well, the whole Mormon and woman thing, it’s a no-brainer to see history, religious and gender studies top the list.

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