2014 Whitney Awards: Mystery/Thriller Finalists

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

Blood on the Water: A William Monk Novel by Anne Perry (Ballantine, Sept. 2014)

The setting for Blood on the Water, is, like the other books in the William Monk series, Victorian London. When a pleasure boat full of partyers explodes on the Thames, taking nearly 200 people to their deaths, William Monk assumes that, as commander of the River Police, he will have to investigate this disaster. To his surprise and disappointment, the case is handed instead to the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police who quickly labels the event a crime and captures, tries and sentences the ne’r-do-well Egyptian Habib Beshara to death. When Monk proves that Beshara was elsewhere at the time of the blast, the case – now in shambles – is handed to Monk.

With the assistance of his brilliant wife Hester and long-time friend Rathbone, Monk endeavors to sort out the complexities of the disaster. Was it in some way connected to the construction of the Suez Canal, certain to be a boon to wealthy British shipping companies? Was the explosion intended to senselessly kill innocent people or were they collateral damage in an effort to murder one specific person? How and when was the bomb planted and by whom? Was there a motive or was this the work of a madman?

International intrigue seems afoot. Monk’s investigations are stonewalled by the rich and powerful. In the confusion and complexities of his inquiries Monk senses he may be the next victim.

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