The Blessing and Curse of Being a New Mom

Emily Warner is today’s guest author, writing for our UP CLOSE segment on motherhood.  Emily lives on an Air Force base in Northern Japan with her kid-dentist husband and FOUR hyper-active boys.  She enjoys mystery novels, 80’s music, making pottery, blogging, sneaking chocolate, and taking long naps.  She thinks long walks on the beach are tiring and over-rated, but wouldn’t mind being served a virgin pina colada while laying peacefully in the sand.  She started the blog “ActeGratuit.blogspot” for her extended family–only to find out they never read it.   Now she writes solely to avoid housework.

Being postpartum is a crazy state of existence.
One minute I look at my tiny new boy (#4) and am overwhelmed with happiness
and love. The next minute I glance towards the dirty kitchen and I’m
choking back sobs. (You would too if you saw my kitchen.)

One second I’m determined to start exercising and getting in shape RIGHT
NOW! The next I’m planning what delicious dessert I can bake to include
maximum amounts of brown sugar and chocolate. (Then I give up on doing
either one and just sit down with a bag of chocolate chips.)

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