Witness: My 2021 Word of the Year

By Karen Austin

I stopped making New Year’s resolutions a few years ago, in part because I was suffering paralysis by analysis. True, the New Year invites people to do some soul searching. However, I have additional invitations to reflect because for decades, I have been a student or a teacher, making the winter break a time to …

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New Year and Medias Res

By Jennie LaFortune

It’s that time again. Lots of talk about beginnings and endings, welcoming your new life, and releasing your old self. Blah. To be fair, I see the value in ushering a new wave of months’ promises and a fresh starts. I swing between embracing the invitation for blank slates, and thinking it’s all a trick …

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Family History: One Hour a Week

By Emily Milner

Ten years ago my stake president gave us a challenge to find some names to take to the temple. Bless my heart, I tried. I looked through the threads of my Family Search tree, tracing them back through generations, overwhelmed by the number of names and uncertain where to start. People in my family have been doing family history work for lo these many generations. As I wrote a few years ago, the low-hanging fruit on my family tree has been canned. In the absence of low-hanging fruit and easily found names, I have focused sporadically on family history stories, which I enjoy; there are pioneer journals and personal histories and all these are good for me to be aware of, to have stories to tell my children

In spite of my off-and-on attempts to do family history, I’ll be real, it has mostly been a source of guilt. One more thing I should be doing that I’m not, one more way I fall short.

But that changed with my current stake president’s challenge last year to spend an hour a week on family history, half on that on Sundays.

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