Bless My Palpitating Heart

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

Bless My Palpitating Heart

Cover Art for “Leaves from a Mislaid Album” by Edward Gorey: Gotham Book Mart, 1972

When I first felt “called” to join the Church decades ago, I –  a Midwesterner – was a freshman at an Ivy League college. I was already a devoted Christian regularly reading the scriptures and intent on walking Christ’s path. My first LDS Sunday School teacher was a C.S. Lewis scholar and the perfect segue for me to feel confirmed that this new place was fertile soil. My earliest Church experiences were in university wards under the pastoral care of some of the best, brightest, and most committed LDS people one could find. I didn’t yet know that Primary was a thing. I wasn’t quite sure what “Relief Society” was, but I learned to love it.

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