Falling in Love with My Skin

By Sandra Clark

 to enlightne the skinFlat by Ashmae Hoiland. This is a piece Ashmae made from a photo I sent her for a new body project she is working on.

I went streaking for the first time this month. It’s taken a long time to get myself to this point. In truth, it wasn’t really the first time, but streaking at four and under doesn’t count when playing truth and dare and the question is, “have you ever?”

And I hadn’t.

I suppose I didn’t hate my body, but probably from a few years past my preschool streaking I felt bashful about it; like there was something lacking about from the skin I live in. It intensified with age. ( I’ve even written about this before.) Speckled with moles, pocked with skin stretch scars, and a back size that never seems to fit into store sizes; I am one of a kind in my spots, streaks, and smallness. Long forehead, dusty-dry skin, and a slight chest: the list goes on. Whose doesn’t? Peculiarities, idiosyncrasies, or vulnerabilities? Maybe a little bit of all of the above.

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