To Sleep. Perchance.

By Angela Hallstrom

sleepI just settled into my office chair to write this blog post. It is 10:52 p.m. I realize that I need to get up by 6:45 to get my oldest son off to Jr. High, but with an out-of-town husband and a long day of kid-shuttling, laundry-folding, assignment-grading, journal-editing and potty-training (yes, I started down that road today for the fourth and final time, but that’s another post altogether), the only quiet time I have is now.

And I kind of like this time of night anyway, especially when my much more sleep-disciplined husband is out of town and doesn’t expect me to turn in with him. I like the quiet. The ticking clock. The children all nestled and snug. Yes, nighttime can draw me in, and staying up late writing or reading or (ahem) playing inane games on Facebook seems seductive and relaxing at 11:45 p.m.

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