Impending Doom?

By Leslie Graff

Life is good right now, in fact too good. Everyone in our family is healthy, including my parents. My husband has a very stable job with a great work life balance. Our marriage is solid. We’re comfortable financially. My boys are having a good year in school. I am in a good creative groove. Really does it …

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“All Things Must Fail”

I try hard to minimize the amount of medication I take, but I have a pretty major sleep disorder, and drugs have been a heavensend in managing it.

When my sleep meds stopped working last winter, life got really hard. My health problems (undiagnosed chronic issues) predictably worsen when my sleep isn’t good. I felt awful physically. I felt panicked, even depressed. In desperation, I went to my sleep doc’s office, hoping beyond hope that he could help me figure something else out.

The combination he gave me worked. It felt like a miracle. I thanked Heavenly Father for this tremendous blessing. I shared my gratitude in the “good news minute” in Relief Society meeting at church. For someone who has really never slept well, to get a sense of what it was like to lie down and actually drift off to sleep (and to sleep more deeply, and for longer stretches) was sweeter than sweet for me.

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By Nancy Soper

BUCKETS IN HAND, the boys and I set off to pick blackberries. We’re lucky enough to live near a park with lots of wild growth around the perimeter. The berry canes reached out thorny and threatening, heavy with the succulent fruit. After taking a needed taste to confirm the readiness for picking, we smiled our agreement. …

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