The Parable of the Very Messy Freezer

By Emily Milner

And it came to pass that Mom was making dinner, and lo, she needed frozen peas. And behold, she sent her eldest son downstairs to the deep freezer to obtain the frozen peas. But he returned swiftly, saying, I find no frozen peas. We are out.

And it came to pass that Mom knew they were not out of frozen peas, so she said to her son, Yea, son, indeed we are not out of frozen peas. Go forth and look for them again.

And it came to pass that her son returned and looked for the frozen peas in the downstairs freezer.

Now it came to pass that the downstairs freezer was extremely messy, yea, it was difficult to excavate, for over the years without being defrosted it had become a jumbled mass of frozen meat and bread and ancient freezer jam.

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