By Amanda Hamilton Ross

One afternoon Berenice told me that we were going to visit a new mother. It seemed a little strange to take the gringa who speaks awkward Spanish on this errand, but I know that’s what Mormons do: we show up. So I agreed to go, thinking, well, I’m also the mom of a baby, so …

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Grape Hyacinth

By Sarah Colby

On summer evenings my father matches his stride to my small steps and we walk to the garden and to you, dense, luminous flowers he planted just for me. I know all the purple twilight shadows are your doing.  They creep from under your green, leaves flow across the grass, slide up the foothills, coax …

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I’m too tired to be smart

By Heather Oman

This afternoon after school, my 14 year old son and I engaged in a semi political discussion. I’m not sure how it started, but it veered from poverty to food stamps to Obamacare. I questioned him on some of his more immature assumptions about being poor, pushed him on some other issues, and tried to …

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