I Will Love

By Kellie Purcill

Last year was one of the worst years I’ve had. That includes my separation, divorce, my multiple moves, health issues etc etc blah etc. Last year was also one of the best years I’ve had. It’s surreal to be pulverised by grief, chewed by worry, and astounded by joy all in the same hour – …

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See What I’m Saying?

By Kellie Purcill


Listen, understandA couple of weeks ago I applied for a job, and instead of writing my usual formal letter I sent this:

Dear Recruit Recruitment,

A phrase I heard throughout my childhood was “Let me see what you are saying”. My Mum would say it while driving, in the kitchen, a thousand different places, because if she couldn’t see my mouth she couldn’t read my lips. My Mum is talented, stubborn, funny, a soft-hearted and loud Rugby loving woman, who is practically deaf. So when I saw the advertisement for centre staff to empower people who are deaf, I was excited!

I surprised myself in writing that way, let alone deciding to send it in as my application. I was amazed to have even found the advert – every other day for weeks I’d been typing in “forklift”, “warehousing” and “admin”, but had typed in “deaf” that time, tickled by a flutter in the back corridors of my mind, and this was the only search result. I knew I was perfect for the position, and I had dancing-in-my-seat excitement just typing the letter. Nothing like the feeling I’d had looking through job searches based on the word “forklift”.

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What I’ve learned about parenting so far

By Marintha Miles

A few years ago a friend of mine with her husband became custodial parents of a teenage girl after her adoptive family (another family in their ward) decided they no longer wanted her. Initially, things went well with the original adoptive family. They brought her home from far away. She got along well with others. She met the missionaries. She joined the church. And then it was time to go to the temple to be sealed as an eternal family. It went something like this:

Teenage adoptee: “Well, I don’t really want to be sealed to you.”

Adoptive parents (with shock and horror): “After all we’ve done for you? Why not? We love you!”

Teenage adoptee: “Someday I want to go find my mom. I want to be sealed to her someday.”

And that was the end of their family unit both eternally, and temporally. They kicked her out of the house and that’s how she ended up with my friend.

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