Musings on Potty Training

IMG_1886Kristen lives in Syracuse, Utah with her husband, Wade, and their four children. She loves to read more than anything- her favorite novel remains Jane Eyre. She wrestles to write everyday despite plenty of interruptions. Her children ground her in the moment so she won’t spend too much time in her head. Her husband is waiting (patiently) for her to write a bestseller so he can quit his job.

What is it about the topic of potty training that can hijack a perfectly engaging conversation and bleach it down to opinions, debates, and tiresome stories?

Say a group of my friends are gathered at book club and an offhand comment is made: Luke is still having accidents. Emily still expects treats after she goes. At this point, the potty motif seems to catch just under the skin, like a hook in an eye, and won’t let go. The conversation shifts, the opinions multiply, and we won’t be returning to The Book Thief. I want to hit my head against the hollow brick wall.

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