By Amanda Hamilton Ross

One afternoon Berenice told me that we were going to visit a new mother. It seemed a little strange to take the gringa who speaks awkward Spanish on this errand, but I know that’s what Mormons do: we show up. So I agreed to go, thinking, well, I’m also the mom of a baby, so …

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From Leogane to Labadee

By Heather Oman

The morning sun reflected off the pier, turning the cement white. I squinted and held up my hand to shield my eyes. I had misplaced my sunglasses on the boat, and I realized that if I wanted to spend some time on shore, I’d need to buy another pair. I walked down the pier, following …

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A Life Like Mine: World Living 101

By Leslie Graff

My captive children munched on popcorn, and sloppily slurped juice from their thermoses in the backseat of the minivan as we made our way across the George Washington Bridge on our trek south to Virginia. My four-year-old glanced up briefly to cheer the Manhattan skyline (a landmark in the journey) as Bhangra music chimed through …

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Bearing Much Fruit

By Laura Lefgren Banks

Harvest When I was younger and could run and not be weary, I would head for the hills and jog upward and onward, leaving the valley behind. My path often wound to an overgrown and forgotten back road connecting two otherwise separate neighborhoods. One cool, summer morning as I took this shortcut, I stopped in …

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