Taking the Name of God in Vain?

By Sandra Clark

I was brought up to never, ever “take the Lord’s name in vain.” As a kid growing up among peers with colorful language, my milquetoast exclamations made me feel like a Puritan. Oh my gosh. Dang it. Gosh dang it. But they were the only words that felt comfortable in my mouth. I got bolder as …

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Blindsided but Blessed — Coping with Concussion and Compulsory Rest

By Teresa Bruce

July started with a bang, a flash, and a splash. Too bad they had nothing to do with July 4th fireworks. The first Monday of the month, I almost slept in.  But Doggie Dear, hearing my eyes open, appeared beside my bed and pleaded with silent optimism. With a sigh, I raised my head from the pillow …

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By Melonie Cannon

My first reaction to hearing difficult news is to run fast and far. Unfortunately, I cannot run fast and my stamina is about as long as it takes to unwrap a candy bar, so I must sit and mourn with the bad news instead. The last few weeks have produced an avalanche of hard things …

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Today’s UP CLOSE piece is by Emily Falke.  Emily lives near Austin, Texas with her fantastic little family consisting of her husband, her daughter, and their really big dog.  She relishes the sweet busyness of home life, and she quilts and tutors in her spare time.  She blogs at www.memoirsofmotherhood.wordpress.com.

Two little blue lines on a little white stick. Just two little lines, and one little stick, but with far-reaching consequences.

And questions.

There was the beginning. Is it the right time for us to try? Could we handle it if I got pregnant right away? The answer came: “Can you ever handle it?”

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