Then Shall Thy Confidence Wax Strong

By Emily Milner

Two days before I met President Uchtdorf I got my eyebrows waxed for the first time.

Seven years ago the Lord called my parents to be mission presidents in Taiwan. I ugly cried when I found this out. I knew I would be having another child during the time they’d be gone, and I could not imagine giving birth without the support of my mother. I wanted to support my parents–but I knew their absence would be very hard.

President Uchtdorf set my parents apart. The Church allowed me and my siblings to attend the setting apart, along with our spouses and children eight years of age and older. I stressed about meeting him.

“They’re just people,” my sister pointed out. “It’s a big deal but not as big a deal as you’re making it into.”

She was right. She is pretty much always right. But I am by nature anxious. I fretted about what I would wear, if my hair would style itself right that day, if my armpits would be too sweaty, if I would blurt out something stupid.

And also, I stressed about my eyebrows.

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