When she wakes, rigid

By Elizabeth Cranford Garcia

Stroke her hair, and rock. Open the curtain—show her the flashing, the bright erasures of light, the careening trees, that suffocation, apocalypse, another plummet down the stairs into another tunnel, another muscled abandonment, bursting into the world again, her fists tight against her face. And when you say, That’s thunder It’s a loud noise believe …

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More Righteous

By Michelle Lehnardt

Self-righteous behavior makes me cringe.

Ooh, I despise it all– holier than thou testimonies, finger-pointing, long Pharisee-like checklists….


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Was Barbie from the Triassic Period?

By Justine Dorton

WAS BARBIE FROM THE TRIASSIC PERIOD? I wondered yesterday as I watched my son and daughter playing together with each of their favorite toys. Barbie and Triceratops were happily frolicking through the den, apparently either married or dating. They were looking for some of Jocelyn’s other Barbies (their offspring?). Once found, they were all picked …

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