Faith, Reason, Creativity and Missing Pieces

By Sandra Clark

Last week my favorite thrift store had a sale, and I planned my day to accomodate a trip early in the day to case it out. Yes, I know this makes me look cheap, (scheduling around a sale, at the thrift store) so be it. So, we headed over with plans to stock up on puzzles. My son lives for a good puzzle, and the ones at the thrift store are the right price for me to provide him with many options, especially when they are half off. The hazard to these, and all of the used puzzles I’ve bought to help him fill his puzzling appetite, is missing pieces. There is no chance in this life I would ever sit there and count to see if there are in fact all 538 pieces necessary to complete the picture on the box. So I take my chances.

Sometimes the puzzles are complete when we get them, but then the kids lose a piece all by themselves while in process of completion. You take it on faith that the whole thing will come together when you start one of these puzzles. My son does them anyway.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to listen to Robert Rees speak about faith. I clumsily typed as many notes as I could on my phone, trying to get down as much of the golden ideas and insights he rattled off. There was one particular idea that I really stuck with me that evening, rang true to my soul, and I’ve been ruminating on ever since.

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