The “New” Me

By Linda Hoffman Kimball


my healed hand

In my September post “Lessons from the Fall” I ruminated about the August 12th break of my right wrist. My ulna and radius bones have healed as well as they’re going to. What can I say now in the aftermath of their healing? What lessons did I learn after months of healing, pampering, cajoling, heating, exercising, and massaging my arm?

The major lesson I continue to learn is: I am not the same. Yes, my bones healed but the accompanying mashup of arthritic bits and the remaining stiffness and swelling in my hand (as opposed to my wrist) means I can’t move my hand in all the ways I could before. I can do much, but I rely on workarounds a lot.

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Step Two is Called Hope

By Alizabeth Leake Worley

In eleventh grade, I had a friend named Nayoung from Korea. She wore her bangs to the side and tilted her head back to keep her blue-framed glasses from sliding down her nose. Sometimes we ate lunch together in the room we had just had class in. She had a small purple cooler and ate …

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