Book Review: Let Me Tell You My Story

By Catherine Arveseth

A few weeks ago, I sat on my daughter’s bed and read my twin girls an unconventional bedtime story. It was from this book, Let Me Tell You My Story. We read one narrative, and then another. Short personal accounts of individuals who fled their countries of origin in search for a life we admittedly …

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A Prayer by Any Other Name

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

Being asked to give a prayer is not a big deal to most Mormons. We ask our 3-year-old Sunbeams to say prayers in Primary – and before you know it, that Sunbeam has grown into a General Auxiliary President wearing a bright suit and speaking in General Conference.

I wasn’t raised Mormon but said my own prayers and at every meal we chanted:
God is Great
And God is Good.
Let us thank him
For our Food. Amen.

And yes, even as a child, that off-rhyme bugged me.

Recently I had a praying in public conundrum.

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Guest Post: We Stand With Refugees

One day about five years ago my family took a marshrutka (minibus) in Kyrgyzstan from Bishkek to the small city we were living in about an hour outside the capital.  Marshrutkas are always a bit of an adventure but one of the best parts of those hour-long rides was talking to people riding with us.  …

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