Drenched…with Joy?

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

Drenched … with Joy?

Yesterday it snowed for the first time this winter season. Yep. We go from summer to winter without a whole lot in between. Thankfully, the snow melted when it was 6 or so inches from the ground so nothing stuck. It’s just a matter of time. We live at 8300 ft. adjacent to the Uintah National Forest in the desert state of Utah. Seasons here are (more or less) 5 months of winter, 4 months of mud and 3 months of exquisite spr’/’ummer/’all. As a native of the Prairie State of Illinois, I’m still not used to this.

Another issue we face in our mountain home is that for the past year, every time it rains or snows, we get water dripping into our family room. Above the family room is a deck with a trough that is supposed to shuttle water (or as they call it out here “moisture”) to the gutter and down to the ground. To mitigate all the problems with your house, you can see this here and find the most quality and professional home repair services.

Something has gone wrong.

Our past efforts (changing the pitch of the deck/rerouting the gutters/adding extra waterproofing to the deck surface) have failed. People can check out the best roofing services in Spearfish, SD, for waterproof roofing systems. This means that in our family room we have a bright yellow bucket surrounded by towels propped up like a permanent fixture along with the comfy chairs and a good snooze-able couch. That bucket throws off the entire fung shui of the place.

Today is the first day of our late$t attempt at fixing this problem for good.

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